Betting on sports is a full-time job for this N.J. man

спортивный беттинг

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42 thoughts on “Betting on sports is a full-time job for this N.J. man

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  3. Seriously you need to forget about all other sports handicappers out there. I personally dont know him but I've gotten winners alot of time with this dude. I have no affiliation with him I just share a last name (which is odd). But check out a guy called Kris Barr. He ran MVP sports but is changing it up because I think he's getting crushed with new people wanting his picks. Once again I dont know him nor do I work for him but I bet large and this dude is legit! Even his free picks hit and I don't know anyone who gives out free on point picks. Everyone else is bottom tier compared to this dude…if your lucky enough to do business with him than congrats..He gets it done. No one that I see out there compares.

  4. I guess the difference between Steve Stevens and you you're broke walking your son to school or should I say your daughter that looks like a boy Steve Stevens kids get drive to school in a Rolls-Royce fantasy boys like yourself leave the tip Big Boy betters pay the bill get out of the way little dick you're a f**** joke

  5. if you're betting Sports to support your family you should big difference between fantasy and reality reality betters like myself pay the bill little guys like you leave the tip boss up you want real information VIP Sports Las this guy is an absolute joke

  6. I am a football, basketball, professional and college bettor. I've made about 60k 2 years ago starting with 200$. I started winning. but the bad thing is that I started getting greedy, betting too high and over my limit. that's when I feel. this year, I'm going to play good in my fantasy football leagues and my sportbook gambling at vegas. if I manage I'll be fine. I am a 95% winner for moneyline bets, 80% on straight up points. I've already hit about 5 8 teamers last basketball season. this year is going to be my first year for football ever doing 2-15 parlay teamer. wish me luck! so far the preseason hasn't been nice to me. but hopfully the regular season does. remember my name guys.

  7. just want to inform you that there is some guy selling betting tips, i know you are going to think that its fake but its not. this guy is working via skype and he is very profesional you can add him and check it. ‚''moneymaker2270‚‚ im working with him for month now and im very happy with his hits. i recomend everyone to try it

  8. Good Sports Betting site for all sports NFL season is around the corner. If any of you guys are interested and confident on your sport picks and have cash email: They are pretty good with the payout. You have to have a paypal account or any other method that can send your cash.No funny business at all. just make your picks and amount your placing on the team. Not only NFL, they do other sports as well. Just email the amount you want to lay down for your team and they will find you a match. They will also tell you the payout. For more information just email them.

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