Chelsea vs Tottenham — Preview Should Sarri drop Kepa from Chelsea

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31 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Tottenham — Preview Should Sarri drop Kepa from Chelsea

  1. These guys must not have watched the game or have any knowledge of the transfer ban process.

    David Luiz tried to tell kepa to go off…. so clearly a player did go over to kepa….

    Chelsea have already announced the are appealing the ban so purely based on appeals process Chelsea will get the summer to sign new players then might be banned the next 2 windows after that…

  2. I wish Sarri would leave Chelsea because he deserves better. However, financially it makes sense for him to stay so that he gets a payout when they sack him. Unfortunately, it will probably allow the club to make it look as though it was their decision and to spin it to make it look like the club isn't a basket case. I've thought Chelsea was a team with a poor culture for a long time — since AVB at least. I guess that's what happens when your captain shags a teammate's wife and you get rid of the other guy!!

  3. A bunch of media hype to sell air time. Chelsea played a great game against city and anyone could have won the game. They played in the final, they're among the top teams to compete for the 4th position and are still in Europe. The goalkeeper apologised for his bad behaviour, the club punished him so lets move on.

  4. Drop him OUT for the rest of the season & sell him in the summer. Never seen such arrogant & stupid behavior on the football pitch! No respect towards his club Chelsea, his TEAMmates & his coach = stunning DICK-head this Kepa. Mad Chelsea culture of player POWER structure of arrogant behavior! When your number comes UP, you go OFF — very obvious & simple thing! Chelsea captain is terrible & should never ever be a captain in the team and he should also be dropped from the next games! Chelsea culture & players behavior is a disgrace for today´s football…!

  5. Mr SARRI, made a BIG MISTAKE from the START- This was a Final which Sarri SHOULD have STARTED with CAVALIERO(from the START!)
    His Timing was WRONG- He SHOULD have Made that substitute from the START of EX-TIME or the start of the SECOND Ex-Time, knowing How good Cavaliero is on penalty and HE KNOWS ALL CITY PLAYERS more than ANYONE!

  6. Chelsea as a club has created a culture that manager is a position for little respect. They sack managers as easily as "buying peanuts". No wonder players live with this lack of respect for the managers. Look at what Willian & David Luiz did after Conte was sacked! And what the captains did (or, didn't do) during Sarri-Kepa dispute was a disgrace😖 JT & Lampard grew as leaders probably because they are English players, thus had the feeling to defend their "home nation" in the midst of squad of foreign players.

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