Denzel Washington on LeBron James & Michael Jordan

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45 thoughts on “Denzel Washington on LeBron James & Michael Jordan

  1. The best player? Man Bron play against defenders like JAVELE MCGEE ffs. If Jordan was at his prime today he would score every game more than 50 pts . NBA today is bullshit no defense at all. Think about did u see somebody like Malone, Ewing, Rodman, Laimbeer, Big Ben, Shaq ? Did u ?

  2. The main question is how can you be the goat if you get swept in the playoffs two times in the first round. Lebron has never got swept in the playoffs. Smh, getting swept in the playoffs is worse than getting swept in the finals. No wonder why Michael Jordan got 6-0 as soon as he got help, Like Scotty and denis rodman he starts his winning a finals game streaks. Lebron took nobodies in his rookie year past the 1st round easily. Showed his clutchness, etc..Took Michael Jordan a bit to get to the finals finally. The reason why got no loses in the finals because he never got to the finals until he got "super help." No doubt, Jordan is one the greatest, but i'm not putting him over Lebron. Lebron beating 73-9 warriors greatest team ever established pretty much. I already know Lebron is the goat. People will finally see him as the goat when he beats this years warriors with 5 all-stars.

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