Eddie House on who's the most important Warrior: Curry or Durant | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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37 thoughts on “Eddie House on who's the most important Warrior: Curry or Durant | NBA | UNDISPUTED

  1. Steph is unquestionably the most important player on that team. You don't have to look any further than the numbers with and without him to see how valuable the guy is to the team. He's missed 11 games this year; the Warriors were 5-6 in that span. They're 14-3 when he plays. Class dismissed.

  2. Say you want about kd and how graet he is! But this will always be curry's team! Curry had a ring before kd got there and would have won alest one more without him! So curry is more important the kd!kd need curry he dont need him to win a ring!😄

  3. Idiots like Skip always hating on Curry. The difference between a Curry explosion and a Durant hot streak is that Curry leads to blowout wins for GSW more than Durant getting hot. Curry sets the table for everyone and makes their flurries contagious as a team/unit. Durant is just individual hot streak

  4. Steph Is the most important player and best player on the team..
    Draymond and Klay Behind him.
    Warriors Basketball is Warriors Basketball when it’s run through them three players.
    KD is selfish ANd iso ball hog..
    KD needs to be their role player and let stuff go through Dray and Steph..

    Game 6 prove it again.. Dray , Steph and Klay should be handling the ball .. not Selfish KD..

  5. Why does Skip always use PER as an argument? I doubt he even knows what it means. And even if he does, you can't use it as a basis for judging a player, you can't use one stat, you have to use the stats that matter, and also the eye test. Skip does neither of those things. I get it, he has an agenda and he doesn't objectively analyze basketball. The most infamous example is his analysis of lebron, or maybe his lack of analysis. Skip lost all of his credibility a long time ago, and the only reason hes still on tv is because we live in a world that loves Hot Takes and loud mouths instead of actual meaningful analysis.

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