Fire Away! Patrick Mahomes Tyreek Hill & Eric Berry lead Kansas City Chiefs Gameplan vs Seahawks

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41 thoughts on “Fire Away! Patrick Mahomes Tyreek Hill & Eric Berry lead Kansas City Chiefs Gameplan vs Seahawks

  1. After weeks of hearing how the defense is getting better my question is this. Getting better at what? Personally, I think they're getting worse. Hopefully Eric Berry can light a fire under their asses but I think it will be too little too late. However, having said that I'll always say, Go Chiefs!

  2. The truth is the secondary guys don't know how to play the game,They Can't tackle,They can't cover and they are embarrassing them selves and their family name,In my opinion there will be no playoff run,yes we could get lucky and win 1 playoff game but we will be lucky at that.
    I'm just sick and tired of the gut wrenching ways we lose,I'm pulling out the brown bag when the Defence takes the field.
    Sammy Watkins was the worst idea ever,What is wrong with this guy?
    Foot injury,What kinda foot injury keeps a gut out this long?
    Was it a lawnmower or something?
    I did that once!

  3. The Best thing that can happen for us is Philly and Wash losing earlier, and Seattle is locked in to the #5 seed before the game, and maybe some of their intensity isn't there. Otherwise, if they're playing hard, this will be a tougher game than Baltimore, because Wilson can actually throw the ball also, and it's not at Arrowhead. If Seattle plays for keeps, I think it'll be 30 27 Seattle.

  4. I am not sure that the majority of the Chiefs defensive backs actually know what they are doing at any given time. With Berry on the field, I saw him constantly shouting and shifting players around. I haven't seen that at all since his injury. So, that would mean that the defense always knows what they are doing, or no one speaks up because there is no real certainty on what to do given a particular look that is being presented by the opposing offense. It is disconcerting, to say the least. That is what I have observed at least. I don't watch game film or any of that so I am not sure how accurate my perception is. I don't see Bob Sutton jumping up and down trying to get them on the same page, which is just as bad…

  5. DOD is gonna be a real good linebacker!!! My problem with the defense is this far into the season there shouldn't be ANY communication problems and yet here we are.. This falls in part on the coaches and secondly the huge hole when EB isn't playing… We need a secondary leader on Defense to make sure miscommunication doesn't keep biting us in the ass.. I agree we gotta establish a run and get the balance between the run/pass game. this has to be figured out now or its another 1 and done in the playoffs!! Great vid Ryan keep them coming!!!

  6. Why have the Chiefs not sent Sutton packing? He needs to go! After last week's defensive meltdown there's no way they should have any confidence in Sutton whatsoever especially when it comes to the playoffs!! I can't believe the Chiefs' front office is willing to gamble with the most realistic chance this team has had to hoist the Lombardi in decades!! It's very disheartening as a fan! Changes definitely need to be made, but it's as though Sutton's outright refusal to capitalize on the strengths of his players and his inability to make adjustments is obvious to everyone except those that have the authority to say enough is enough! Even if the Chiefs manage to hold on to the #1 seed, it's an uphill battle with Sutton calling the defense!!

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