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28 thoughts on “How to Make $300,000 Betting on Sports |

  1. Do you bet 5% of your current stack every single day? Like lets say I started at $75 and I won some games yesterday betting $3.75 per game, if my stack today is $85 do I wager 5% of $85 per game? Or do I still wager 5% of $75 and only increase the wager at the start of each month?

  2. Your mathematics are indeed correct but there would be situations that a bettor would be limited as to the amount that he can wager at specific books. Plus at the upper atmosphere of the money spectrum, even if allowed to bet 5% of the bankroll, most handicappers would have the veritable heart attack betting $10,000 or $20,000 per wager as it would be in the second year of betting.

  3. What about betting lines? Do they not factor in to the winning percentage needed? The compound interest dictates what kind of odds you are betting on? Therefore, the bigger the favorite the higher percentage you would have to win to yield those kind of profitable numbers.

  4. But this is based on fixed rate, i.e all bets being at certain odds? Or am I completely missing something, have only watched first 10mins so far but can't see how you can put on a figure without assuming odds on the bets. This is sport betting after all so betting on a team to win could be 1.30 or 1.85, 2.30 or 3/1 for example and all of this would change the overall winnings.

  5. I think this is good but you need to have a decent bankroll for this and also there will be bad patches gambling professionally on sports is the hardest as a lot of games the odds aren't that great so you don't profit enough from your previous losses please hit me up to discuss on what odds you would consider decent when playing.

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