Jon Jones is back! UFC Pros react to Jones’ official USADA ruling; DC on Jones; Rumble UFC return?

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42 thoughts on “Jon Jones is back! UFC Pros react to Jones’ official USADA ruling; DC on Jones; Rumble UFC return?

  1. Who won the battle of the press conference after the smoke is cleared? Brevity is the soul of wit! Was there a knock out? Yes, when Conor said I won my belt by TKO in second round, when Khbib won his belt he went all five rounds with a real estate salesman that did not even have a belt. Checkmate!
    Khbib will soon meet "Mystic Who-dini", the master escape artist who keeps defying the guru masters and the UNSTOPPABLE of MMA.
    This is such good news in 2018 that the big three are training Khbib for Conor, Cain Velasquez loses title, Rockhold knocked out twice, and after the mistake by Weidman he was suppose to be "unstoppable" like Khbib, and Cormier beat twice by Jones. All three were so-called "unstoppable". So remember Khbib, you just might follow the fate and destiny of your 3 mentors. 5 huge losses by the "UNSTOPPABLE", but none could be bigger then if you don't get a chance to wrestle like Luke wanted to do. Then it would be 6 huge losses BY THE "UNSTOPPABLE MAULERS". These are the kind of challenges and odds that Conor likes to go up against. Who would expect him to win to a man who had never lost a round, a bully in the wrong weight class because he is afraid to fight guys his size, trained by Rockhold, Cormier and Velasquez? No wonder Conor took this fight after a 2 year layoff from the cage. And no wonder Dana loves this mentality.
    Responding to Blaydes and other mixed martial artists (Stipe Miocic) who don’t appreciate melding real fighting with pro-wrestling antics, Cormier offered a simple and telling retort: “Stay broke.” UFC fan reaction, then "STAY A HYPOCRITE" and forget your Legacy. It will always have two asterisks (Latin means little star) Bones Jones and Miocic.
    Daniel Cormier should be awarded another belt. "Hypocrite Champion of UFC". One of the most vocal voices in the UFC about steroids and denies a rematch to a true Champion Stipe Miocic, and then wants to fight a "steroid junkie". Exposed Fraud! The respect I was learning to give Daniel has just been hit with a tidal wave of "hypocrisy", Comes down on Jones about steroids to fight a life long steroid addict. No wonder he is retiring, wants no part of getting beat a third time. Three strikes and your legacy is out. No wonder Jones scoffs at Cormier for being shallow. Then Khbib another hypocrite from the same camp. Refuses to take a sip of McGregor's liquor on moral grounds when his prophet was a known sex pervert who did underage girls and committing fornication and adultery with multiple women. Birds of a feather (Eagle) flock together. He and Cormier both ware the same hat. Won't take Conor's Proper but he loves the Kool-Aid thy serve at AKA. And now that Cormier has publicly admitted to the whole world that he is a true heavyweight the very thing he accuse Jones of he is guilty of. A cheat like Khbib. Droping more then 40 lbs to fight smaller guys in cheating, just as much as taking Peds. Again Hung by the Tongue".
    One thing people don't even consider about Conor and Daniels's stablemate Khbib. It is not just his left. It is in his eyes. Their scary, menacing, not natural. Something happens that clicks on when he enters the ring. He has that Charles Manson look. He fears no one. No one has that look in the UFC, that mind is the greatest weapon he has, not his left. The very first time I saw him I noticed that crazed look as hard as flint. He himself believes his mind can penetrate the weapons of any of his opponents regardless of who his opponent is. If this was not true he would not jump into the maulers cage after a long lay off. He is a David that loves to fight the Goliath's. He sees the win before it happens. Will his mind prevail over Khabib physical strength and size? For me I will be watching his mind, not his left. The left is just the tool to do what the mind has already planned. I'm not drinking the Conor kool-Aid, but I have watched everyone count him out to soon. Conor does not even know the word intimidation is in the dictionary. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Khabib is just imitating Conor, the only difference is Conor's is not a act. It is who he is like Ali. Win or lose, Conor and Ali are still the greatest who took their loses like a true champion would. I do not expect "mediocrity to understand genius" which is why Conor is always underestimated. I'm sure people are clueless about the psychological/anthropological analysis and how it relates to the word Lycanthropy which is the mind set of Conor when he steps into the cage. He is a different animal.
    Worlds Strongest man who never took Steroids, TRT or HGH at 68, now 72 with a "will" that understands Conor's "will".
    When he "set his face like flint" it is very chilling. It is no hyped up act, that everyone is trying to copy, even Khabib. I respect the fact that Khabib is wrestling with two big bears like Cormier and Cain, but that makes Conor the hunter looking to bag the trophy with a marksmen's eye. I used to belong to Safari Club International and the first lesson you learn in bringing down a bear, lion, tiger is you can't miss when being charged. If you do it is fatal. Its frightening being in the cross-hairs of hit-man. Truly a Ali Vs. Frazier high level war I saw. Khabib you better make weight. And its Dana's job to see to it that he is on point the whole step of the way knowing his history. The bottom line for some athletes it is the "mind" not the physical attributes. To understand this "mentality" watch Alex Honnold climb the North Face with no ropes.
    Or Nick Wallenda walk the high wire over Chicago blinded folded. These are "Mind Athletes" like Conor that transcends the physical which people mock when they fail. Why? Job 5:12 Those who are at "ease" have contempt for misfortune as the fate of those whose feet are slipping. How do you expect a fan to understand this "mind set" when they are sitting at "ease" who come to watch them fail, rather then succeed. It would be like asking a fan after Wallenda walked across the wire with a wheel barrow, then on the way back ask a fan at "ease" if he would get in to go back. Yet he would be the first to say he got what he deserved.…/adv-beyond-the-edge-…

  2. Fighters can bitch and moan about usada and that scumbag Jon Jones but they won't stand united together to fix the issue… All the top fighters in the light heavyweight and heavy weight divisions should state that they refuse to fight that smug steroid head Jones. A guy who says "who's your daddy" to D. C knowing that his father was murdered.. I mean the "man" is the lowest of the low. And that's before you add in the fact that he has failed multiple drug tests.. Stand up and be counted and put an end to this Dana white usada Jones bullshit!!!

  3. DC has a much better chance of beating Brock Lesnar than he has fighting John Jones. Cane Velasquez has already beat the brakes off Brock even while he was on the juice. It still will be entertaining to watch. I rather see both DC and Jones fight as heavy weights. 😎

  4. Good ol Jon Jones, sucked Usada to the bone… No need to call Daniel corma.. he has Tyron Woodley, #1 gay..
    Wrestling on the Matt reaching, and justifying there teaching… Knowing they betrayed there preaching… And pushing and pounding till the dog joined in…
    Then it was three way hump street.. three guys with strapped on meat… Unlike a twinky, these three violeted another's Stinky's… Straight up flabbergasted… These 3 fools visited one another's ass… 3 muskets… 3 muskets.. 3 must be quiers…

  5. Want to know why UFC let JON JONES back? They knew Conor will lose this fight against Khabib so they need another superstar to fill in. Like Rousey before going WWE, the ufc let Conor promote his brand so he have something going on after this fight. JON JONES and colby covington will now take over the game. The same tactic they used against Sonnen to introduce Conor in the game. They removed Sonnen and let Conor take over. That's my theory.

  6. USDA and Dana White should be banned permanently from the sport. I guarantee you there was absolutely no positive test at all by Jon Jones. This was nothing more than a ploy/plot Dana White is behind. 14 friggen samples and not 1 of them came back positive. This is a crock.

  7. I’m about tired of Jon Jones now. Guy always gets into situations where he has to explain his way out of it time and time again. He’s still one hell of a fighter, but in my opinion, his legacy has been tarnished. And the only way he can repair his image is to keep winning and stay clean for the rest of his career. I’ll give him one last chance.

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