Muhammad Ali vs Rudi Lubbers 45th of 61 — Oct. 1973

спортивный беттинг

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13 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali vs Rudi Lubbers 45th of 61 — Oct. 1973

  1. Ever think if Ali could PUNCH??? If Ali could punch, he'd be untouchable, he wouldn't have to wear these guys down, he rarely got hit even in the 70's, to land at will the way he did, then drop a heavy hook or right like Robinson, whew that would be something. Though we never saw Ali at his best, best years he was in retirement, 26,27,28 best years he would have met frazier, still would be able to move and would have cut Frazier to ribbons, it's hard to guess how much better he would have got, would have been just as fast but stronger, more experienced, I think he'd stop Frazier with a merciless barrage by 10. Everyone should watch D'Amato's comments when Ali came back, standing with Dundee he observed where it took one step for him in the 60's to get out of the way it now took two, huge difference when dealing in Nano Seconds.

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