Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston 20th of 61 — Feb. 1964 — IN THEIR OWN WORDS

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31 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston 20th of 61 — Feb. 1964 — IN THEIR OWN WORDS

  1. I remember listening to this on the radio in 1964. Its sure different with the video, but it poses the question how did Liston gain the championship? To use the vernacular of the 60s Sonny was Horse shit if there was a fix involved it was Liston winning the championship.

  2. I love the old bookies on the street with the classic film noir scratchy voices. THAT is the boxing game!! So cool. What happened??? Boxing is not like this anymore. I need a time machine just so i can go to the corner and grab a paper. Go to a local bar and talk boxing and put in half my paycheck on a bet. THIS was Americana! I watch these pre fight in the street clips and I'm homesick for a time i was never lucky enough to be a part of. Absolute historical ecstacy! Rip Champ. You will always be THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!! Peace

  3. The young Ali in my opinion is the best heavyweight of all time. He had such great speed and reflexes and movement. A lot of people say a prime Holmes could beat a prime Ali, I say no way, yes Holmes was very fast too but it don't mean nothing if you can't find nothing to hit

  4. First of all, the autopsy report has never been released. It has only been released to me. There was never any investigation, because Sonny's death was not a homicide. My grandmother was the first and only witness at the time of Sonny's death. Everyone else that said they were at the scene of Sonny's death are lying. There was no drugs found in the house or on Sonny, this is also a lie. Sonny did not have any drugs in his blood, or urine. Sonny only took 7 months off after his last fight with Ali. He spent the rest of his life trying to get his Championship belt back. The mystery of Sonny Liston is only a mystery because people call it a mystery. The press were known at the time to chase rumors. The Mob used boxing as a legitimate source of income. Sonny was not controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Sonny died of a heart attack. There was never any investigation about the Ali/Liston Fights, because J. Edgar Hoover knew that the fights were not fixed. Read my book on Amazon called, "Beast:The Deconstruction of Charles "Sonny" Liston."

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