Nick Saban on the ‘No. 1 concern’ at Alabama that nobody talks about | SportsCenter | ESPN

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24 thoughts on “Nick Saban on the ‘No. 1 concern’ at Alabama that nobody talks about | SportsCenter | ESPN

  1. I mostly agree with everything he says here and I’m a huge Bama fan of him and the talent he’s been able to produce but I can’t agree with him on the playoffs they need to expand the playoffs not off of rankings off of who wins each division giving other teams chances to be set on a national Stage cuz how does anyone expect the sunbelt to ever get better if they never have a chance to compete in the tournament and have bowl games before or during the first round of the playoffs to decide who else gets in to the national tournament and those bowl games should be for those who are the top 8 teams that’s aren’t already in the tournament so you still have quality teams this in turn give maybe a Con-USA team a lot more exposure then giving them more ability to get better players and then further increasing the chances of them going deeper in the playoffs and winning the title cuz it’s sad watching every top prospect going to the top few teams with almost no changing it’s stupid that it’s always Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, USC, Ohio, and LSU wouldn’t it be fuckinh crazy if a team like UAB gets a 5 Star Rb instead of Georgia or Alabama for the 5th year in a row cuz he’ll that’s what’s made Alvin kamara leave bama to many amazing running backs and he got 0 playing time and the qb controversy wouldn’t exist if they could stop bringing in one of the top 5 QBs In the nation every year

  2. Urban Meyer is my favorite coach I follow him from team to team but Nick Saben is the best FBS coach in history better than Bear better than Tom Osborne probably not Jimmy because Jimmy went to the NFL I would've love to see Jimmy Johnson coach 20 in FBS that would've been crazy

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