Putin tells May to fulfil Brexit: 'There was a referendum, what can she do?'

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46 thoughts on “Putin tells May to fulfil Brexit: 'There was a referendum, what can she do?'

  1. Russia has nothing to do with Brexit. That video was enlightened by Guardian with an intention to criticise brexiteers, in a way like "look who is happy for brexit, are you in the same boat with this dictator?" . What he said is right, people's had their vote and their decision is crystal clear, second referendum is against democracy. Although surely he's not in right to discuss British internal policy and to talk about democracy either.

  2. Says who ? The president of Russia, the biggest country in the wold with soo much diamonds and gas, but the people there work only for 100-200 euro per month. This small and toxic man shouldn’t talk about democracy! Billions of peoole are suffering because of his dictatorship!

  3. The Referendum was NOT Democratic! You have to give facts on what is being voted on. That’s like saying, vote for Jeb Bush or Hilary and when Jeb wins George Bush becomes president and they say “aah well its’s close enough” “you’re just pissed off because you lost” NO. They were being a lied to so it’s not democracy

  4. We have already had the people's vote. We voted for Brexit a Hard Brexit. Us Brexiter's are more than happy to have a no deal Brexit. We would rather do trade deals with Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand rather than Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. BREXIT MEANS BREXIT 🇬🇧

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