Skip and Shannon look ahead to Packers-Seahawks on Thursday Night Football | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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35 thoughts on “Skip and Shannon look ahead to Packers-Seahawks on Thursday Night Football | NFL | UNDISPUTED

  1. Another big musclebound tap dancing coon….A couple weeks ago you were talking about how great Aaron Rodgers versus Tom Brady is … about Russell Wilson versus Aaron Rodgers….Skips always talking about clutch jeans….. well Guess who the greatest fourth-quarter quarterback in the history of the game is…..Russell Wilson….No Shannon you didn’t do your homework.. youre reading from that little monkey script that your producer gave you to speak….

  2. Skip just needs to never speak about football or any other sports in general. How are you going to say someone more about stats than getting a W? Are you kidding me? You play a sport to win. You want to also get good stats. What part about that do you not understand? You don’t play good. You don’t win. Having good stats is a part of playing a good game.

  3. plot twist: both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are extremely overrated
    Brees is obviously the best QB in history when you consider every single record he has and his overall record with the absolutely horrendous defenses he has to put on his back.

  4. Kinda tired of hearing Shannon talk about how Rodgers doesn't have a good team, so that's why he can't win. When he DID have a good team, he still didn't win when his defense played incredibly.

    The team is much worse now, but certainly not scrub level. They went toe to toe with the Rams, Vikings, Redskins, and Bears. Three of those are division winners and they're all likely to go to the playoffs. So they're not a bad team at all. The Packers just aren't getting wins.

  5. Okay…. I am a DIE HARD PACKERS FAN. But….. I dose not matter how many “starters” aren’t playing on our defense. You could take ANY high school football team and allow them to play defense for my packers and it would look better. SO FRUSTRATING how bad our D is

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