Stephen A. and Max react to Celtics defeating Cavaliers in Game 1 | First Take | ESPN

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47 thoughts on “Stephen A. and Max react to Celtics defeating Cavaliers in Game 1 | First Take | ESPN

  1. Now the clown of Stephen A . is blaming that lebron did not protect his relationship with Kyrie Irvin in cleveland and the alter ego decided to move to Boston.Stephen is selective minder, his hero M.J. treated always Pippen like his backup and sometime like he was a boys scout.M.J. wanted all the attention.Stop about excuses lebron is 33 but sadly has a mommy team that can not defende and boston has the legs , the lungs and the hunger.Did you remember that five team players that won the champ in 2004 kicking the ass of lakers with shaq and kobe.Yea!!! Pistons with no real legend in the roster.

  2. Lebron wouldn't have to have incredible historic nights every time the Cavs play to win if he had REAL help. Kevin Love is a joke, an unworthy allstar. Tyronn Lue is a joke too. Kevin Love at center??? Tristan Thompson and Larry Nance should be getting all the center minutes before Love is even considered at the 5. Kevin Love must take shooting percentage lessons from Kobe Bryant.

  3. I don't know why anyone is surprised is about this. I'm a Celtics fan, so it probably makes sense that I could see this happening. This game was the deciding factor in my opinion. The Celtics have all the momentum now, and it's over. I see 5 games, and that's it. Cleveland will take game 4 to insure they have a chance, but they won't. Celtics in 5. The moment I saw Horford have his way down low, I knew it was over. Thompson and Love can't stop him. I wouldn't be surprised if Game 2 is another blowout.

  4. Stephen A Smith:
    Cavs 4 — Pacers 3
    Cavs has no chance against the raptors. they are the better team.
    Cavs 2 — Raptors 0
    Either the sixers or the celtics, the cavs stands no chance in winning the east.
    Cavs 4 — Raptors 0
    Cavs LeBron is taking the easiest route in winning the east.
    Cavs 0 — Celtics 1
    Cavs LeBron will not win the east are is not going to the nba finals. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Besides the LeBron matchup, the Celtics feel they either compete with or beat every other matchup on the court man for man. They showed that they can score easily on his teammates. The plan was to give LeBron his points and limit his assists. 40 points alone won't hurt you in the big picture, but if he goes crazy with assists and rebounds=second chance opportunities than the plan fails which means you let the role players get involved. On offense they clogged lanes and made him shoot rather than drive (since he's not a great shooter and unstoppable once he gets going to the rim) On defense they didn't allow him to hide, they made him expend energy by attacking him, thereby wearing him down over time making him a less effective shooter later in the game. Limit the teammates points, limit LeBron's drives, make him play defense, and take advantage of his teammates mediocre defense.

  6. For the good of the game, I think it would be better for the celtics to come through this series. They would make it more competitive! Cavaliers if lebron don’t function their useless! I mean if one player of the golden state warriors don’t function they still win. With brad Stevens coaching the celtics I think it will be much more competitive if they got to the finals

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