Tom Queally: Frankel and me

спортивный беттинг

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7 thoughts on “Tom Queally: Frankel and me

  1. hello iam indian and horce racing is my passion i have seen many horces but never seen like frankel american barks like dog on frankel no one is near to frankel he will destroy all either its secritariat man o war sea biscuit seattle slew ruffian sunday silence zanyetta or american paroh he will kick all of them alone frankel is lion heart horce

  2. For years to come the "so-called" racing experts and lifelong racing fans alike will debate whether Frankel was the greatest horse of all time? To me, whether you believe he was or wasn't is really irrelevant. Do you know what the likelihood of seeing 2 horses of the kind of stature both Frankel and Sea The Stars was in a span of just 4 seasons? Normally, you're lucky to see a horse of either's stature every 20 or 30 years. But to see 2 that great in just 4 seasons is absolutely unheard of.

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