Top 10 Fighters Who Used Their Skills To Fight Crime

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47 thoughts on “Top 10 Fighters Who Used Their Skills To Fight Crime

  1. A minor criticism: Your cuts between entries on your list is a little short, to the point that it's jarring. You could use another second or two of pause to make it easier to discern that yes, this is the end of this point, we are moving on. Other than that, your videos are awesome and I hope you continue.

  2. In 1974 my mother was mugged in the Bronx by two guys she was a blue belt in judo she broke the wrist of one of them and actually damage the knee of the other guy she did get stabbed though but both guys were caught they were trying to rob her Christmas Eve and when the cops came her quote was paying getting my fucking Christmas packages yeah she was a tough woman

  3. What about that little fella from Brazil, the one that was too buffed up to do LW and went WW? Prazeres? Isnt he a proper kick&enter cop?
    That lady from USA — black girl with long hair, pretty cute… Danielle Taylor. Shes supposed to be a cop as well…
    This might not be all…

  4. Police do not stop any more crimes than my neighbors pet gerbil…the risks of giving power to police outweighs the rewards because instead of fighting actual crime they hide and wait for people to make honest mistakes to extort money from them Unless they have a get out of a ticket free pba card…because they want to export money… Just not from their own family members.

  5. Went to Renzo’s academy over the weekend and asked him about this. He said he actually choked the second man about 7 times and afterwards he received flowers and chocolates because these guys had apparently robbed a ton of people in the area. Real superhero!

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