VIP Sports Las Vegas Podcast #154

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29 thoughts on “VIP Sports Las Vegas Podcast #154

  1. When you guys Get an office in Atlantic City hit me up! I Run Atlantic City! I know hundreds of Casino VIP Hosts & sports betting degenerates who definitely need help with there picks( Whales, Middle Income Degenerates, Small Potatoe players). Huge money to be made and once Congress passes the law its going to be a gold mine in Atlantic City! I live 20 minutes from AC. I Dj in Atlantic City and im in the casinos every weekend. Lets make some escarole!

  2. FLEX ON EM!!! Great energy. Great show. VERY VALUABLE INSIGHT. These guys know their shit. Where else can you get this type of information as RAW + as REAL as it gets. Haters keep sleeping. Winners keep making money. Keep up the great work fellas. Watch the show every week. You guys definitely need to get that Showtime deal signed as soon as sports betting becomes legal statewide. If Gigolos can get a prime time show on Cable, you guys need a F**KING show too. #FAIRENOUGH #VIP

  3. VIP Sports is the truth! You don’t need to wear a suit and tie to get your piece of this pie! Go from crawling to ballin with VIP Sports Steve Big Skipper and crew! Let’s go get this money!! AAAAHHH!!!😎💪🏾💵💵💪🏾

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