What Demetrious Johnson’s Loss to Cejudo Means (+ Special Thanks)

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38 thoughts on “What Demetrious Johnson’s Loss to Cejudo Means (+ Special Thanks)

  1. If people like your content then they like your content. Can you stop with the 'wow it's been hard' shit at the start of every video? I'm self employed too and if i did that to my clients I know they'd be calling someone else real fast. People want your content, not your journey to a paycheck.

  2. DJ isn’t popular because he just cherry picks fights and buffets the 125 division. How can he think, and the ‘media’ think, he’s a top pvp fighter but he’s scared to fight TJ… or just a top 3 135 lber. Just look at all the ‘favorites,’ they fight multiple divisions and they fight the best. Personally I was never on the Aldo and Barrao wagon because they never moved up or moved down. Sitting tight in a division and clean house is boring, especially when the competition is not very good. I’ll take BJ Penn over these guys any day. Yea he may not have their records, but he earned respect.

  3. Okay, MMA On Point; Demetrious Johnson was highly marketable/likeable/genuine but the UFC didnt push his name out there and/or force feed us DJ until he is a huge star. There was no reason, it's still a shame.

    Tyron Woodley, not marketable/not likeable/genuinely dumb and the UFC didn't doesn't push his name out there. He once said he isn't popular because of his race and that was 00000% true, he isn't popular because he isn't likeable and his fights are beyond boring.

  4. I think Cejudo won. It was close but he edged out. Might Mouse deserves a rematch, though. It was a great fight, but I think the injuries DJ suffered early had an impact on his takedown defense, which takedowns were the primary vehicle by which Cejudo won out on points.

  5. IMO DJ should have won that, his striking was much more effective than anything Cejudo did. The only real moments Cejudo had during that fight was a few takedowns against DJ where he did nothing buy sit on top of Mighty Mouse. Additionally, after some of Cejudo's takedowns, DJ just popped right back up and went back to the stand-up. If you look at both fighters after the fight, Cejudo is bruised up and DJ looks like he didn't even fight. I feel as though the judges made a poor decision in this fight. I think the fact that DJ was usually so unstoppable effected the judges decisions, but that shouldn't be how the judges score the fight.

  6. Cejudo really has no right to win the belt and then go up weight or have tj come down and fight him. If im tj i have him come up and fight the defending reigning champ, not go down and fight the new champ. Cejudo should either defend against DJ in an immediate rematch or fight the next guy in line before fighting tj. I know tj has been saying for about a year that he can make the weight but why would you make the weight for a guy that just got the belt while you are attempting to keep your own belt for the second time? Dont go down for a first defense make him come up for your second defense and put this cody rivalry in the wind cuz tj has cody’s number

  7. I think DJ should have definitely won. If you look at the stats DJ outscored Cejudo everything but takedowns. Obviously takedowns matter, and make fights WAY more interesting but taking into fact DJ defend and escaped within 3 or less seconds almost each time, I don’t think they were as effective as they were portrayed. I think DJs mobility, agility, and striking is what really drove this fight home, and I think if there was one more round DJ would outmaneuvered Cejudo standing up or on the ground. If DJ is able to gain more publicity from this it would be great as not only was he known as the best pound for pound fighter of this era… but I think if he can win the title back with his common dominance now he will be more respected.

    Pls feel free to argue.

  8. While it was a very close fight, I can't see how Cejudo won 3 rounds. He most certainly won round 4, maybe round 2, was round 5 really his other round? What damage did he inflict on DJ? How many take downs did he actually secure-like 3? DJ controlled the pace and range for the majority of the fight.

  9. I am not one of the people who believe that you need to land strikes on the ground or get near submissions to score points as I know the feeling of being smushed under side control or having my neck cranked off by a good cross face but Cejudo hadn't passed half guard which in my book is an ok position for the person on bottom.

  10. I think DJ vs Cejudo is a far better next match, I believe it would be a main event of a PPV and will do very well.

    I also think Dillishaw vs a contender at 135 is the better move. Idk about Cruz, I think he might have to beat a top 5 guy to get a title fight. But I would like to see Dillishaw vs Cruz again and I like Cruz a lot.

    On a side note, if you think DJ won that fight you need to put down the crack pipe and go to rehab.

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